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Tolgard FR V6 fire retardant

 & Name: Tolgard V6
 & Molecular formula: C13H24O8Cl6P2
 & Quality index :
Name Value
Appearance  transparent liquid
Chroma(HAZEN) ≤400(ASTMD1209)
Acidity mgKOH/g ≤0.2(ASTMD974)
Moisture% ≤0.1(ASTMD1744)
Density(25°C) 1.48±0.005(ASTMD1298)
Viscosity25°C)cP 1650
Odor thin
Refractive index(N25D) 1.498
Boiling point 101325Pa200°C
Flash point(C,O,C)°C >230
Decompose temperature°C 200°C
Evaporation pressure (100°C)Pa <13.33
P ( Theoretical value )%% 10.5
Cl ( Theoretical value )% 36.5
Relative Molecular weight 582.96
  & Use: It is flame inhibitor with chlorine and phospho group. It are good enough for heat and fire resistance. used as flame inhibitor of polyurethane foam or reduce burning of foam rubber.
  & Packing:

250KG in galvanized pail, storage temperature 
37°C and above. normal chemicals.